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Ibn Mas'ud –(radiyallaahu 'anhu) – would advise his students, "If your intention is one of these three, do not seek knowledge: To shame the ignorant, or to argue with the Fuqahaa' (scholars), or to cause people to turn their faces in your direction. Intend with your actions and words that which is with Allaah, for indeed that which is with Allaah shall remain and everything else shall perish."

Ibnul Qayyim –(rahimahullaah) – said, "Deeds without sincerity are like a traveler who carries in his water-jug dirt. The carrying of it burdens him and it brings no benefit."

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Fitan and DeviationsMuslim LifeNew to Islamic KnowledgeSources of Inspiration

List of Questions Given for Assignment



Basic Beliefs - Lectures on this Topic - top

Creed - Beliefs

Al-Qadaa Wal Qadar — Pre-Decree - Brief Summary

Allaah is An-Nuur — Tafseer Surah An-Nuur 24:35

Knowing Allaah — Quotes from the Quraan

The Shahaadah — The Testimony of Faith

The Messengers — Their Tasks - Their Roles

Worship — Uboodiyyah Slavery To Allaah


Tafseer of verse 35 of surah 24. An-Nuur

Explaining Islam through quotes from Quraan

Explanation of the Shahadah and its conditions

The Role of the Messengers

Fasting - Siyam

 Fasting — Ordinances - Wisdoms - Merits

Audio - Fasting

Pilgrimage - Hajj

Hajj — Day of Arafah Falling on a Friday

Hajj and Tawheed  -  Audio                

Prayer - Salaah

 Adhaan — Ruling On Response To The Adhaan

 Imaamah in Islaam

 The Recitations of the Prophet

Narrations on Sujood by Sh Ibn Uthaymeen.doc

 Narrations on Sujood by Sh Ibn Uthaymeen

Prayer -


How to Make Wudu — Ablution

How to Perform Salaah — Step by Step Explanation

Legal and Illegal Positions of Tawarruk in Salaat

Prostrations of Forgetfulness

Wudu step by step

Salaah step by step

Chart Sujuud as-Sahw

Sitting Positions During Salaah

Prayer -

Points of Benefit

Points of Benefit - Adhaan - Call to Prayer

Points of Benefit - Direction of Al-Qiblah

Points of Benefit - Greeting Someone in Salaah

Points of Benefit - Importance of Salaah

Points of Benefit - Movements in Salaat

Points of Benefit - Imaam and Ma-muum

Points of Benefit - Times Praying Is Forbidden

Islam For Children

Tawheed for Children - Level 1

Tawheed for Children - Level 2

Prophet Hud — Level 1  -  Prophet Hud — Level 2

Prophet Saalih



Hadeeth - Lectures on this Topic - top

Nukhbatul Fikar

 Classification and Nomenclature

Hadeeth nomenclature - Definitions of Terms

‘Umdatul Ahkaam

Explanation of Umdatul Ahkaam - Hadeeth 1

- Hadeeth - 2 - Hadeeth - 3 - Hadeeth - 4

- Hadeeth - 5 - Hadeeth - 6

Transcripts of Lectures on ‘Umdatul Ahkaam

Book of Purification








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