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 Basic Beliefs and CreedHadeeth Knowledge — Rulings Quraan

 Fitan and Deviations Muslim Life New to Islamic Knowledge Sources of Inspiration

 Some of the Additions in January 2008

 Istawaa - Allaah Rising over His ThroneQualities of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam

 Quran Recitation by Shaykh Al-LuhaydaanQuestions That Led Shi’a Youth to the Truth

Basic Beliefs - Articles on this Topic- top


 Allaah — Meaning of His Most Beautiful Names

 Creed — Points of Benefit NEW

 Du’aa — Points of Benefit

 Du’aa — Understanding and Rulings

 Worship - Understanding It - Fiqhul ‘Ibaadat - Q&A

 Creed — The Correct CreedReviews of the Classes

 Creed — Q&A Format - Reviewing the Creed NEW

 Explanation of the Four Rules

 Pre-Decree — Al-Qadaa- wal Qadar

 Tawheed — Beneficial Sayings on Book of Tawheed

 Pillars of Islam

 Fasting Ramadan

 See lecture # 22 for Merits of the day of Ashoorah

 FAQ — Fasting Issues In General

 FAQ — Fasting Issues For Women


 Hajj and Tawheed

 Hajj — Q&A on Hajj Rulings - NEW


 Salaah Described

 Salaah In Islam

 Salaah Performance - Step by Step Explanation.html

 Salaah — Prostrations of Forgetfulness

 Salaah — Points of Benefit

 Travel — Praying and Fasting Rulings


 Shahaadah — Testimony of Faith





Islam for Children

 Tawheed for Children

 Level One — Level Two

 Aromatic Fragrance and Permeating Incense

 Biographies of Prophet and Abu Bakr – Q&A Format

Fitan and Deviations - Articles on this Topic - top

 Contemporary Issues

Main Folder Topics Include -> Fitan - Illness and Cure - Takfeer - Trials - Testing

The Heart and Its Diseases - Based upon the work of Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibnul Qayyim rahimahumullaah

 Religions and Sects

 Bid’ah — Innovation In The Deen

 Deviated Practices

 Dispraise of al-Hawaa - Lowly Desires

 People of the Book

 Rejectionists Shi’a

 Questions Leading Shi’a Youth to the Truth - NEW

 Qur’anites - Rejecters of The Sunnah

 Sufism — Its Realities

FAQ on VariousTopics

 FAQ — Clarifications of Misconceptions

 Jihaad In Islaam –– Its Stages — Its Conditions

Hadeeth - Articles on this Topic - top


 Book of Ar-Riqaaq - Tendering of the Heart

 Book of Tawheed



 40 Hadeeth

 Riyad us-Saaliheen


Ibn Hajar

 Bulugh Al-Maraam

 Bulugh Al-Maraam - Book of Fasting

 Nukhbatul Fikar - Hadeeth Nomenclature


‘Abdul Ghaniy


 Umdatul Ahkaam - Fasting

 Umdatul Ahkaam - Purification

 Umdatul Ahkaam - Salaah


Knowledge - Articles on this Topic - top


 Sources of Knowledge in Islam

Topics include “Authoritative Validity of Sunnah”

Rulings on

Important Issues

 Custody of Children


 New Matters



 Merits of the Day of Ashoorah - 10th of Muharram

 Prayer and Fasting While Travelling

 Udhiyah - Hadee - ‘Aqeeqah

 The Concise Fiqh

Explanation of

Beneficial Books

 Basic Rulings and Principles of Fiqh

 Biographies - The Prophet - Abu Bakr

 Creed - Q&A Format - Reviewing the Creed

 Dispraise of al-Hawaa - Lowly Desires

 Important Lessons for the Ummah

 Kitaab ut-Tawheed - Beneficial Sayings

 Nukhbatul Fikar - Hadeeth Nomenclature

 The Concise Admonition

 The Correct Creed

 The Correct Response to Those Who Altered Religion of Jesus

 The Four Rules

 The Heart and Its Diseases

 The Meaning of Allaah’s Most Beautiful Names

 The Natural Blood of Women

 The Three Fundamental Principles


 Etiquettes - Caller - Seeker

 Manners and qualities of seeker and caller



 FAQ - Points of Benefit on Knowledge


Muslim Life - Articles on this Topic- top

Daily Life Issues

 Daily Life Issues - Misc Topics

 FAQ -Clarifications - General Topics

 Rulings on Funerals


Marriage Issues

 FAQ - Clarifications - Marriage and Relationship

 Marriage Issues - Misc Topics

 Rulings on Custody of Children


Women Issues

 FAQ - Clarifications - Women Issues NEW

 Natural Blood of Women

 The Hijaab


New To Islamic Knowledge - Articles on this Topic - top


 Goodness and Necessity of Islam

Based upon the work of Sh.. Ibn Baaz rahimahullaah


 How to Understand Islam Series

Awareness of the need to understand Islaam


 Who Deserves to be Worshipped Alone

Series of lectures explaining the belief in Allaah


 Wisdoms of Man's Existence on Earth

Find out more about those wisdoms


 Shahaadah - Testimony of Truth

Explanation of meaning and conditions of Shahaadah

Noble Quraan - Articles on this Topic - top


 Knowing The Glorious Quraan

 Recitation - Shaykh Muhammad Al-Luhaydaan NEW



 Principles of Tafseer

Topics include compilation of Quran and abrogations


 Tafseer — Explanation of Many Surah of the Quraan

 Tafseer — Explanation of Surahs of Juz ‘Amma



 Points of Benefit on the Quraan — Various Topics



 Benefits on Taqwa From Verses of the Noble Quraan

Based upon work of Sh. ‘Uthaymeen rahimahullaah

Sources of Inspiration - Articles on this Topic - top

Muhammad sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam

The Final and Last Prophet NEW

 FAQ - Clarifications - Prophet Muhammad

The Prophets

 The Prophets - Stories of Many Prophets

 Correcting Some Reports on the Prophets

 FAQ - Clarifications - Jesus - Clearing Misconcepts

 FAQ - Clarifications - Prophets and Messengers

The Companions

 Merits of Companions - Successors

Topics include their roles in preserving the Sunnah

The Scholars

 Merits of Scholars

Topics include Pearls of Grace and Wisdom NEW

The Muslims

 Stories of Muslims NEW



 Advices and Reminders

Topics include: anger - envy - patience - repentance


 Special Files